What is Laser Toning for skin tightening and rejuvenation?

Laser Toning is the act of passing low-energy Q-switch Nd:YAG laser multiple times quickly over facial skin (at 1064nm wavelength). The low-energy laser selectively weakens melanocytes and partially destroys some melanin pigments. This pigment is gradually absorbed and excreted as the skin lightens and brightens. The heat from the laser also concurrently stimulates collagen production within the dermis. There is ultimately tightening of the skin.
30 minute treatment
Low cost
Zero treatment downtime
What are the Benefits of Laser Toning 

Features and benefits of regular Q Switched laser treatment:

Brightening of skin, glowing skin
More even skin tone
Reduction of melasma and pigmentation
Refined pores
Reduce sebum production
Firm and tightened skin
Improvement in active acne symptoms
Reduced fine facial hair


Who is a candidate for Laser toning

Laser toning is suitable for anyone who desires skin rejuvenation. Due to the very low laser energy used, clients can even do laser toning every day.  We recommend it for those who have stubborn melasma, pigmentation and dull, lax or aging skin.As the wavelength used is long (1064nm), it is safe for all 6 skin types. However, we advise to defer laser toning for clients who have been sunburned or have ongoing skin allergy or severe acne. Laser toning is not suitable for clients with photosensitive epilepsy and pregnant or breastfeeding.
Turn up for your laser toning appointment without your makeup. This saves our makeup removal time and you also save on your makeup. The doctor needs to assess your skin anyway prior to the procedure.