Here at Laser Care Centers we use the acne filter on the Lumenis M22.

It shrinks oil glands, kills acne bacteria and diminishes redness and acne scarring.

A great laser with no downtime, 3 to 6 sessions recommended.

What Is The Lumenis M22

The Lumenis M22 is a skin resurfacing laser. Not only does the Lumenis M22 decrease the appearance of sunspots and scars, it stimulates the production of collagen, which will lead to gradually improving results as time goes by. The technician uses the laser to target the unwanted spots or wrinkles on the face, leaving some areas untouched. By treating just a “fraction” of the skin on the face, the healing process is much quicker. 

What Does Lumenis M22 Treat? 

The Lumenis M22 treatment is used to treat a variety of skin conditions with great success. Our team commonly uses this laser to treat patients with: 

Acne scarring
Fine lines
Sagging skin 

The Lumenis M22 laser has proven to be effective in treating the superficial layers of the skin, often having the greatest impact on reducing the appearance of sun damage, thus giving the skin a more youthful glow.  Check out the Before and After Gallery.